The Issue

Every 60 seconds one animal suffers from abuse. Let's put some HEART into it.

More on the subject of animal abuse
A Heart

The Charity

Every small transaction will contribute to our charity wallet, which is destined to improve the life of abused and abandoned animals.

The Heart Community

We hope to create a strong community of animal lovers, which will give a helping hand towards fighting animal abuse.

The Animals

We choose an animal welfare charity because we believe that every animal deserves a chance at a decent life and a warm home.
What we want
We've created a token to help animals and animals lovers

5% To Liquidity

Every transaction automatically contributes to the locked liquidity pool. Which furthermore strengthens it. We want this token to have a long happy life.

5% Redistribution

We are supporting long term investment by rewarding the holders by redistributing 5% for every transaction made. The longer you hold, the more rewards you get.

2% Charity

Every transaction automatically contributes to the charity wallet. This will help the Heart Community
to achieve greater goals for a long-term growth.

Join Us On Our Journey

Together we can make a difference
Step number 1

Idea & Documentation

Researching the issue and coming up with a solution

We are aware of the animal abuse issue and we want to improv the life of abused animals and also the life of the animal lovers community.
This is why the HEART token was born.

Step number 2

The Community

Website and Social Media Release

Using social media channels we hope to build a strong Heart Community.
While promoting the HEART token, we'll be sharing information about the issue of animal abuse and petitions that concern this issue. And yes, we would love to see pictures of your pets.

Step number 3

The Launch

The HEART Token Is Launched

Coin launch scheduled on the 27th of May.

Step number 4


Our Promotional Strategy

- Giveaways. We plan on having weekly giveaways, including limited editions NFTs. Follow us on social media so you don't miss your chance.
- Apply for Satoshi Moonshot Monday weekly
- Heavy Reddit Marketing plan
- Marketing push (PooCoin ads, Twitter, YouTube influencers and ads)
- Partnership with Animal Shelters and Animal Welfare Organizations

Step number 5


Establish Price Listing Apps

- CoinGecko Listing
- CoinMarketCap Listing

Step number 6

First Donation

Reach 2M MarketCap

- 1st donation to charity for an animal welfare organization. The holders community will vote from a list of possible charities.
- CoinTiger listing

Step number 7

Reach 10M MarketCap

- Reach 10M MarketCap, our team will travel to meet and donate to a local Animal Shelter and we will provide photos and videos with the animals for our community to enjoy and hopefully adopt.
- Probit Listing at 10M MarketCap
- NFT Marketplace

Step number 8

Reach 20M MarketCap

- HEART trackweb app
- Between 20M MarketCap and 90M MarketCap we will provide monthly donations to animal welfare organizations and associations

Step number 9


Our "Moon''

- Listing OKEX, Bittrex, KuCoin at 50M MarketCap
- Our goal is to reach 100M and build an animal shelter


Frequently Asked Questions

Since there's a lot of questions when you're exploring a new token,
here's a couple of the most frequently asked ones.
If you don't find your question below, please contact us on our Telegram channel.

How do I buy?

· Step 1: Download MetaMask or Trust Wallet.
· Step 2: Set network to Binance Smart Chain and make sure you have BNB in your wallet.
· Step 3: Go to PancakeSwap and paste contract address:
· Step 4: Set 10% slippage on PancakeSwap to buy or sell.
· Step 5: Buy Heartcoin and save a life.

What is contract ID?

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How do Heart’s tokenomics work?

5% of all transactions will be redistributed between the holders. 5% will automatically go to the liquidity pool, while 2% will go automatically to the charity wallet.

Is Liquidity Locked?

100% of the liquidity will be locked on DxSale after the launch.

Meet The Team

Meet our core team members

Portrait photo of co-founder Dan


Jules takes care of day to day cuddle operations. He is the heart of the team and a bit shy.

Portrait photo of co-founder Adam


Verne drives play from start to finish and he ensures that the meals are served on time.

Our Team
Meet Our Core Members

We imagine a world where humans, farm animals, cats and dogs, we all live happily together. No need for mass hysteria.

Portrait photo of co-founder Jules


Jules takes care of day to day cuddle operations. He is the heart of the team and a bit shy.

Portrait photo of co-founder Verne


Verne drives the play from start to finish and he ensures that the meals are served on time.

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